IssueDirect provides Digital Issuance and a full suite of leading-edge virtual Card Management services.
Our integrated system enables customers to have virtual credit, debit and prepaid cards issued instantaneously
using their existing mobile banking application, through Ciphertext’s proprietary technology.

Application Features


Changing a card PIN usually requires calling customer service or scheduling an appointment. With Change pin a cardholder can securely change their PIN in seconds using IssueDirect.


This module allows your cardholders to temporarily lock their card with a single swipe, preventing fraudulent charges until the cardholder unlocks the card again.


With Replace in your mobile banking application a customer can immediately request and receive a new card, alleviating any existing issues that come with replacing a card.


Add to Wallet allows cardholders to instantly access and provision their virtual card to the digital wallet through a mobile banking application.


With Travel Notifications, cardholders can add upcoming trips to their mobile banking application in advance, saving the customer a visit to the branch or calling customer service.

What We Offer

Stronger Brand

We provide a simple framework to enable digital card issuance and management through one recognizable brand.


Rigorous security standards are designed to complement your financial institution’s security infrastructure.

Customer Convenience

Cardholders gain the freedom to instantly issue and self-manage their payment cards globally at any time.

Consistent Design

IssueDirect provides the same uniform user experience regardless of device.


The IssueDirect Suite can be deployed at your institution’s site or in the cloud.

Flexible Deployment Options

IssueDirect suite of modules can be purchased individually, or as a full suite.

How IssueDirect Integrates With Your Banking Application

Your institution's mobile banking application

IssueDirect is located in your application’s main menu

Customers can access IssueDirect Card Management

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    Must have U.S. bank account to participate.